Introducing CollX3, Triple Atelocollagen Complex!

29 June 2023

Introducing CollX3, an innovative and premium-grade atelocollagen formulation specifically designed for use as a raw material in dermaceutical and wound healing products. CollX3 offers exceptional quality and purity, rendering it an ideal choice for formulating high-quality skincare products.

CollX3 has undergone rigorous testing in vivo, ex vivo and in clinical trials, demonstrating its exceptional ability to penetrate deep into the skin and promote wound healing, thus making it a reliable option for skincare formulations that focus on skin health and recovery.

Unique Method of Production

CollX3 features a triple-helix water-soluble atelocollagen, sourced from porcine tendons, and extracted via a proprietary process that precisely cleaves the telopeptides located at the ends of the native collagen protein. The protein complex is created through a series of chemical, thermal, and mechanical modifications that yield collagen of three distinct molecular weights, with reduced antigenicity and enhanced biocompatibility.

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