Atelocollagen, Ultrapure

Enzymatic extraction, dialyzed, lyophilizedORGANIC

Code: PRO-2006
Source: Porcine, organic
Packaging: 10 - 100 mg
Storage: 2 - 8˚C


Lyophilized atelocollagen, undergoing dialysis purification to yield ultrapure Type I collagen that retains the protein’s physical properties (strength, elasticity) and functionality.
The proprietary enzyme-based extraction method used removes telopeptides at the non-helical N and C termini, resulting in a triple helix configuration that exhibits reduced immunogenicity1


Suitable for:

  • Cosmeceuticals and skincare products
  • Dermatological applications (collagen implants/fillers) 
  • Orthopedic/dental/surgical applications

Molecular weight distribution by SDS-PAGE

Figure shows highly purified atelocollagen product, both in lyophilized form (A) and in solution (B), without the presence of other protein  impurities or extraction by-products


  1. LYNN, A. K., YANNAS, I. V. & BONFIELD, W. 2004. Antigenicity and immunogenicity of collagen. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research,71B,343-354.