Enzymatic extraction, lyophilized

Code: PRO-2001
Source: Porcine
Packaging: 10 - 100 mg
Storage: 2 - 8˚C


  • Lyophilized, highly purified Type I atelocollagen with superior functionality and physical and mechanical properties (such as tensile strength and elasticity)
  • The proprietary enzyme-based extraction method used removes telopeptides at the non-helical N and C termini, resulting in a triple helix configuration that exhibits reduced immunogenicity.


Suitable for:

  • In vitro cell cultures
  • Cell functional assays (invasion assay, proliferation assay etc)
  • Soft 3D cell cultures (e.g. tumor assays)


Figure - Promed atelocollagen used as chemoattractant in cell invasion assay. Addition of atelocollagen to the substrate (A) promotes cell migration more efficiently than regular substrate (B) as quantified in graph C


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